Conversation’s @ The Bridgeport Art Center: Chicago’s New Art Epicenter


The crisp cool breeze in the air, Monday Night Football, the chase for Baseball’s pennant and the beautiful spectrum of colors in the trees; these are some of the ways I know my favorite season Fall has arrived. October to be specific, one of my favorite month’s of the year, is also Chicago’s Artist Month.

The city will be alive with invitation only gallery openings, out of this world art installations and the many art enthusiast enjoying all of the sensory stimulation. In recognition of this month long celebration let’s have a look at the location many are referring to as the new artistic mecca on Chicago’s Southside; The Bridgeport Art Center. The Bridgeport Art Center located at 1200 West 35th St is nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, a veritable castle rising above the well manicured homes and symbolizing the creative renaissance sweeping throughout the city. This re-imagined industrial loft space is home to well over 50 businesses and rapidly growing.

I have witnessed the growth and diversification within the building and find it to be a wonderful model for bringing business and art together seamlessly. Art has the capacity to become a universal translator, bridging gaps and bringing together opportunities that once may not have existed. Spend a moment and check out our conversation with Visionary Paul Levy as we discuss the past, present and future of the Bridgeport Art Center.

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