How This Guy Is Training to Do 50 Ultradistance Triathlons in 50 Days

A typical adult American works out 17 minutes a day. James Lawrence is not a typical adult American. In 2012 he completed 30 ultradistance triathlons, smashing the previous world record of 20 in a year. And what makes the Utahn’s feat especially superhuman is that just four years earlier, he’d never even tried one. In fact, endurance really wasn’t his thing. “I didn’t have that background, so I struggled with trying to learn and stay motivated,” Lawrence says. That’s changed, thanks to a meticulous regimen. In between four daily meals—and backbreaking workouts—Lawrence slams up to 10 snacks, and slurps a training drink every hour while he’s active. At his most extreme, that totals up to 8,000 calories a day. It makes sense when you look at his schedule: In October he’ll compete in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, and next year he’ll attempt an ultradistance triathlon in each of the 50 states in 50 days. Hope he packs his protein powder.

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