11 Types of Food That Resemble Body Organs They Treat

Walnut looks like the brain. It has left and right hemisphere and folds like the brain has. It is well known that walnut creates transmitters in the brain function.

Celery is a plant which has similarities with our bones. Our bones contain 23% sodium which is the exact amount of sodium in the celery as well. It has been proven that celery supplements our skeleton’s needs.

Avocado is very beneficial for ovaries and uterus, and when it comes to its looks, you guessed it – it looks similar with the uterus. By eating only one avocado a week you will prevent ovarian and cervical cancer. Hormones will also be balanced thanks to the avocado.

– See more at: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/11-types-of-food-that-resemble-body-organs-they-treat/#sthash.KDiRDPmQ.dpuf

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