How To Live Like A Millionaire, Even If You Aren’t One

You have a lot more in common with people who are millionaires than you think.

It’s true that sometimes the rich have pricier homes, cars and vacations. But when it comes down to the really important things — like health, family, general level of happiness, and sense of well-being, being mega-wealthy just doesn’t matter

I know this because I work with investors at many different levels of affluence. There just isn’t that much difference when you really boil it down.

I would even take this a step further: Many millionaires live like paupers. They may surround themselves with opulence, but some fail to cash in where it counts.

So if you want to live a millionaire, make sure you focus on those things that will bring you and your family the greatest return on your investment.

Here’s how to do just that:

1. Time

More than money, time is your greatest asset. You and Bill Gates have the same 24 hours in a day. Bill is able to leverage his time because he has assistants, chefs, and handlers. You may not have the entourage that Bill does, but you can still stretch your time simply by not wasting it.

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