The Road 2 The Record…Records Are Made 2 Be Broken.

Sally Wayne

Chicago, Il

Businessman, Teacher & Cycling enthusiast Nicolaus David is on a  mission to set new limits for his Mind, Body & Soul. After cycling consistently through tornadoes, Polar Vortex & every imaginable weather condition since  October 2013.  Mr. David has chosen to push through to a new threshold by seeking to set a new world record ’Longest marathon static cycling’  He explains this feat as a “multifaceted statement towards his vision of seeing a stronger,  more empowered Urban minority youth. “It is about becoming more familiar with our body’s capabilities, understanding the dynamics of mental force & setting a great example for my student’s”  Regardless of the outcome (New Record) Mr. David states that “you must Dream & have Vision larger than anything you can see with your physical eye’s…always ask God”

Here is an excerpt from the acceptance letter:

Dear Mr Nicolaus David,

Thank you for your application to attempt the record ‘Longest NonStop Cycle’.

Guinness World Records is pleased to confirm that your record application has been accepted. In this email is all the information you need to proceed with attempting a Guinness World Records title.

The record you have applied for is: ’Longest marathon static cycling’.

The current record (current as at the date of this letter) is: The longest marathon static cycling lasted 268 hr 32 min 44 sec and was achieved by Jamie McDonald (UK) in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK, on 8-20 December 2012.

This is the current record, as of today, but records are being attempted and achieved every day! If the above record is broken before your attempt date, Guinness World Records will not be able to inform you that a new record has been set. So please remember to check with us to confirm the current record that you have to beat before making your attempt. You can check the current record by logging into your online account and clicking on the relevant CLAIM ID, or you can give us a call using the phone numbers indicated at the end of this email.

To stay up to date about Nicoh’s feat, CLICK HERE to sign up for our Newsletter.


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