25 Huge Trends That Will Make People Billions Of Dollars

Recently, investing gadfly James Altucher posted a “cheat sheet” for what you should be doing with your money that spotlighted a handful of “demographic trends” that investors could get behind.

We wanted to expand on that handful to a full-blown list of all the technologies out there that are poised to make people billions.

This may not make you a billion dollars. But it shows where things are going.

1) Mobile payments

WHY: Reuters’ Emma Thomasson says the mobile payment market is now “fiercely competitive and growing,” citing moves by Google, Apple, and PayPal to launch products. Big box retailers also recently announced a joint digital wallet service called the Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX. And it’s not just dollars: Crypto-payment group Circle said it would soon launch its first consumer product that it’s calling the Skype of payments. Also for what it’s worth, we also recently explained why you shouldn’t be using cash.

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