Hadiya’s Promise..Protecting and Empowering Our Youth

(Chicago. Ill)

November 8, 2014

Hadiya’s Promise Foundation held a daylong summit to allow a platform for Chicago’s youth to discuss and share insight into their concern’s and solutions to the city’s violence challenges; it was held at the historic Dusable Museum. There were youth representatives from all parts of the city who were expressive, passionate and empowered to share their visions of solutions that can be implemented today to increase the proliferation of peace. The element I found to be most innovative about the summit was that it did not follow a cliche approach but encouraged the young participants to find their own voices and the mentors worked side by side with them through the process of ideation and development.

The first half of the summit was dedicated to the youth having break out sessions and approaching their unique challenges & gun violence concerns from a creative business solution model. The second half allowed the students to share their perspectives with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel; who was front and center throughout all of the youth solution presentations. He personally greeted each youth after their time on the stage and was very open with chatting and taking pictures with all of the eager students who worked up the courage to approach him. I could see the spark of light and possibility in these young peoples eyes when they had the opportunity to share with the mayor of this great city their vision’s for bringing about it’s healing. rahm emanuel and myself
Mayor Rahm Emmanuel speaks with Chief Visionary Officer Nicolaus David about The Cycle Of Peace’s 2015 Public Health Initiatives.

Following the youth presentations the afternoon flowed into a panel discussion with panelists represented from Steppenwolf Theatre, Amnesty International, and King Prep’s Mentoring program. This allowed the community partners to address the youth challenges and share the solutions being created by each of their respected organizations. The summit was closed out by a high energy performance by hip hop artist FM Sumpreme. As a guest of this private event I will certainly say I am excited and proud of the partnerships and initiatives being developed and nurtured between Hadiya’s Promise and the City of Chicago. Hadiya’s Promise is certainly on a clear and strong path for making sure the promise for a peaceful and positive Chicago and nation is realized.
Hadiya Penlteton Event
Nicolaus David hangs with Hip Hop Artist FM Supreme

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