Look In The Mirror — Would You Date Yourself?

by Gina B.

I still maintain that being single is a choice that we make until we’re ready, and have found the right person. As a person who’s in a good relationship, I’m wondering how many of those who claim to be ready to ditch their single status are actually going about it the right way. Have you asked yourself the really important question, which is “would you date yourself?”

I don’t ride the train much, but I should make it a part of my regular routine because the el is a hotbed of people-watching and stellar eavesdropping.

A few weeks ago I was on the Red Line, sitting in one of those seats that face the opposite direction toward the end of the car. A couple of rows behind me, I overheard an animated conversation between two women about the sub-par men they’d met recently.

Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/six-brown-chicks/2014/10/look-in-the-mirror-would-you-date-yourself/

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