The amazing final days of ‘Simpsons’ co-creator Sam Simon, who’s donating his $100 million fortune

They gave him three months. The year was 2012. And Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, who had until then rocketed through Hollywood and earned the descriptions of “brilliantly funny” and “mentally unbalanced,” had just learned he was going to die.

The doctor said it was cancer, flashing a series of ominous looking scans. “I said, ‘Is it curable?’” he recalled in an interview with NBC. “And the doctor goes, ‘We don’t use that word. I will say that I can’t cure you, but I can keep you alive.’ He’s done a remarkable job. I’ve never been happier.”

Simon decided then and there to donate his substantial personal fortune of $100 million to charity. He doesn’t drive anymore. He doesn’t do much writing, either. But he said he does give.

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