5 Habits That Will Boost Your Happiness and Inner Peace

Set your soul free by adopting these five habits; they are the building blocks of happiness and greater inner peace.

1. Spend your energy on things within your control.

Let go of things you can’t control — like the weather, the bus being late, the behavior of others, traffic and long queues, the café running out of your favorite salad roll, or coming down with a cold.

When these things occur, let them gently wash over you like water off a duck’s back. Don’t let them disturb the sense of inner peace and contentment residing deep within your heart.

Then something magical will happen. All of a sudden you will have a wealth of free energy to spend on things you can control.

Things like your dominant thoughts, your attitude, your behavior, your values, and how you live your life — your daily lifestyle, exercise, food, career, passions, self-education, friends, fun and leisure time.

Read More:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elyse-gorman/5-habits-that-will-boost-your-happiness_b_6251758.html?utm_hp_ref=third-metric

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