5 Things Proving That We Live In A World Upside Down

It is obvious that we should eat as much natural food as possible. As soon as they are seeded our plants are corrupted by fertilizers and pesticides while most groceries contain some preservatives and additives. Factory farms use industrial methods to produce more and more meat, eggs or milk as fast as possible. These include raising large numbers of animals in enclosed spaces, often requiring special medical assistance to keep them healthy in cramped conditions. Some farms use growth hormones, artificial lighting and sophisticated machinery. Food manufacturers try to figure out different techniques in order to extend the lifespan, improve the taste and reduce the cost of their products. This is often achieved by commercialised agriculture that compromises global ecosystems. Artificially altering our food is also endangering our health and causing more sickness, threatening anobesity pandemic in many developed countries. We have reached the point where what is natural is much more expensive and more difficult to obtain than what is not.

Read More:http://www.riseearth.com/2015/01/5-things-proving-that-we-live-in-world.html#.VLuwGnkYRwE.facebook

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