Congratulations to The Cycle of Peace Sea World Raffle Winner!!!


Nicolaus David

It was an evening that was winding down for Marquita Smith; she’d just landed after one of her many flights across the country when she received the phone call that we all want to hear…You’ve Won!! Her first question was “What did I win?        I never win anything!”  It was my distinct privilege to announce that she was selected in our raffle to receive 2 complimentary night’s at Orlando Sea-World with a guest; all expenses covered.  After several moment’s of surprise and excitement we were able to work on delivering her gift & I was able to remind her that her winning was a result of her direct support of supporting the Cycle of Peace through her purchase of several Winged Cyclist T shirt’s.

marquitta smith

It is The Cycle of Peace’s honor to say Thank You to all of those who support our work to Inspire, Empower and Create Access for Tomorrow’s Leader’s.  We would like to thank Marriott Hotel’s & Resort’s for their belief in our vision and all of our many partner’s who help us to continue our mission.  Please make sure you register to our network to receive updates, web streaming of our new shows and access to our great prizes!

(Save the Date)  February 14, 2015 we will be featuring The Road 2 the Record 2 on the site to follow Nicoh David as he breaks the Guiness World Record for Longest Marathon Static won’t want to miss this!!!


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