‘Humans of New York’ Teams Up With Humans All Across the Nation to Raise $1M for Brooklyn Scholars

One principal’s unconventional but inspiring message to her students has led to a heartwarming example of what good can come out of the power of social media.

“Humans of New York” has been a social media sensation and a digital craze for quite some time. The project aims to capture the lovable, unique and sometimes downright bizarre moments of pure humanity that unfold throughout the streets of New York.

Lately, however, it served as a catalyst for a young boy inspired by his principal to help raise more than $1 million for his middle school.

One of the most recent photographs to make its way to the Humans of New York site featured a Mott Hall Bridges Academy student by the name of Vidal.

The school is tucked away in Brownsville, Brooklyn, which is known as a “safe zone in a crime-plagued neighborhood.”

Read More:http://atlantablackstar.com/2015/01/30/humans-new-york-teams-humans-across-nation-raise-1-million-brooklyn-scholars/

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