Bio-Energetics: Questions To Ask Yourself If You Have Physical Pain, Sickness, Or Disease

The physical body is a vehicle for your emotions, spirit, and psychology, and as such it will always react and response to what is happening to you internally.  Raised by Western philosophy and Western medicine, our first thought when we get sick is “What medication should I take to alleviate my symptoms?”.

Through my recent journeys through physical illnesses of main kinds, I am starting to realize that bio-decoding lies at the heart of healing.  Bio-decoding is the act of treating your physical symptoms as signposts pointing towards psychoemotional issues.  Unhealed emotional wounds and emotional blockages lie at the heart of chronic diseases.  Nutrition plays a huge role as well, but everyone is starting to experience health in a much more holistic way, and science is beginning to catch up with this.


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