Welcome to Crazy Town

Everywhere we look it’s like we’re living in crazy town.

For starters, most of the governments of the world advocate for backwards laws which seem so surreal it’s hard to believe it’s true. Natural and effective medicines are suppressed, our privacy increasingly invaded and corporate-benefiting and community-destroying regulations are being put in place.

The politicians are turning a blind eye to the capitalist circus – the inaccurately labelled ‘free market’ – which funnels the wealth and resources to those who already have it. The same goes for the military-industrial machine, the massive war-on-drugs policy failure and the damage to our planet. Where is the orchestrated salvation for a poverty stricken, unhealthy, mentally imprisoned and highly unequal global society?

FIND OUT MORE HERE: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/03/welcome-to-crazy-town.html

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