10 Simple Steps to Cultivate the Gift of Intuition

Intuition is a wonderful gift but despite what you believe, we all have it and can access it to the fullest if we want to. Some people are naturally gifted with intuition and seem to harness its power sometimes without even being aware of it. Quite often this is because it becomes second nature or because they have allowed it to be an ally since they were children and so it feels as natural as thinking or calling a memory.  For most people, however, intuition is something they can barely relate to either because they don’t know or forgot how it feels like or because their beliefs have repressed that part of themselves.

This comes to no surprise since our contemporary frenetic culture has installed in us a different kind of program – one that is more bent towards, logic, rational choice and left-brain kind of thinking in general. Society doesn’t engender intuitive skills, imagination and right-brain creative thinking.  It’s not something they teach in mainstream schools do they? There is no formal guidance on how to harness your right-brain skills when you are a child or growing up. That would be such a charm don’t you think?

READ MORE: http://themindunleashed.org/2015/08/10-simple-steps-to-cultivate-the-gift-of-intuition.html

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