New Study Provides Compelling Evidence for the Healing Power of Exercise

While scientists, psychologists and health care professionals have long known about the connection between exercise and well-being, a new study published in the September 25th edition of Cell has uncovered the mechanisms that may underlie this link. This study showed that having strong, toned muscles can make people more resistant to stress and help filter a depression-causing toxin away from the brain.

When we exercise hard, our muscles produce a compound known as PGC-1α1, which is known to have positive effects on the body, such as stimulating the production of blood vessels. In this study, researchers genetically altered the amount PGC-1α1 in the skeletal systems of lab mice, and then exposed them to ‘unpredictable stressors.’ The mice who had heightened PGC-1α1 appeared to be ‘immune’ to the stressors and showed fewer signs of depression than those who had lowered amounts of PGC-1α1.

The study also shows that the PGC-1α1 produced from exercising neutralizes a stress-induced toxin known to cause depression called kynurenine. Mice injected with kynurenine showed signs of depression, but when PGC-1α1 was in their muscles, the kynurenine was converted into a chemically altered metabolite that was not able to pass through the blood-brain barrier. The results suggest that exercise, and specifically, building strong muscles, can neutralize toxins that cause depression in the brain. In this respect, strong muscles themselves can be considered to have a detoxifying effect upon body.


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