Why We Are Never Rejected, We Are Only Re-Directed

Sometimes in life we feel rejected. You may feel rejected due to feeling like you were passed over for a promotion. You may feel rejected due to feeling like you were left out of an activity with friends or a significant other. You may feel rejected due to losing a job. You may feel rejected when you were not accepted into the university you wanted to attend.

For me physically, rejection feels like an ache or tingles in my spine. For others, it may feel like a knot in their stomach.

Rejection is actually a false sense of reality. Rejection is not real. We are never rejected, we are re-directed. We are re-directed to people, places and activities that best serve our divine purpose.

Have you ever heard stories of people who thought they were rejected from getting the job of their dreams, when they actually were guided to something better? My sister, for example, applied for a job at a technology company and went on an interview. The company seemed like a great fit for her – great pay, location, perks. Fortunately for her, she didn’t get the job. She felt defeated, low and confused. She pondered what she did during the interview process that warranted her not getting employment. She began to ponder if she had a purpose.

– See more at: http://www.tut.com/article/details/171-why-we-are-never-rejected-we-are-only-redirected/?articleId=171#sthash.TegNjrsh.n5Oe2s83.dpuf

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