7 Reasons The Kindest People Are Actually The Strongest

Being a man who writes about kindness and chivalry can bring some interesting lessons. One of which, is just how many people feel as though being kind is a sign of weakness. Men tell me that this isn’t what women want.

That being chivalrous (Essentially: Performing simple acts of kindness) is unwelcome. That men will get stepped on.

People say if you don’t care then you’ll never get hurt, and if you hold no expectations for others, you’ll never be disappointed. While, in theory, these statements are true – they don’t take into account one very important piece of the puzzle:

We are all human, and we all have wants, needs, and emotions. Ignoring our very most inner core is, I would argue: A weakness.

Here are seven reasons why the kindest people are actually, in reality, the strongest.

LEARN MORE: http://jamesmsama.com/2015/07/06/7-reasons-the-kindest-people-are-actually-the-strongest/

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