inKin: Get in Shape with your Family and Friends!


inKin Social Fitness Platform is a free service that allows you to connect with friends, relatives and coworkers with different fitness devices and apps.

We created inKin because we realized that people who use fitness trackers couldn’t view each other’s results and achievements, and challenge and compete with each other. Users would have to either buy fitness wearables that his or her friends were already using, or convince them to switch to the preferred brand, which is even harder.

You might ask: “Why would anyone want to view his or her friends’ number of steps or calories burnt? Does it really matter?” Well, it all comes down to our motivation; if you want to receive positive and sustained results on your way towards a healthier lifestyle, you can do two basic things:

1. Find a “partner in crime” – someone to start working out with, someone who will inspire you and help you to achieve your fitness goals, and won’t let you give up.

2. Get as many witnesses of your success as possible.

And we hope that inKin will help you with both of the above.


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