How to Tell If You Have Parasites in Your Body and How to Get Rid of Them Naturally

I know it sounds awful, but our body includes hundreds types of yeast and bacteria. Only the digestive track includes more than three pounds of bacteria.

However, when in the right balance, these bacteria are necessary for right digestion and nutrient absorption. For example, probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in the gut and have a great positive impact on your health. But the problems start when the beneficial bacteria in the digestive track get out of balance. These problems are triggered by bacteria imbalance, diet, certain medications, stress, contact with infected sources, etc.

Your body also includes yeast, which is not particularly dangerous in appropriate amounts. But its overgrowth can have a great negative influence on your overall health and fertility.

Yeast multiplies quickly when there are high carbon substances, such as sugar. Yeast can alter sugar into alcohol in the body. This is why people with severe yeast overgrowth have symptoms like brain fog, lightheadedness, and nausea.


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