Ford Will Resurrect the Bronco as a Genuine Wrangler Competitor

Ford is undoubtedly capable of building a real Wrangler competitor.

Of course, so are GM, Toyota, and Nissan. But each either bailed out before reaching market or delivered a compromise product that failed to earn market acceptance. The fundamental question is not whether Ford can build a legitimate Wrangler alternative, but will it?

“Yes, Ford will resurrect a Bronco to go head-to-head with Wrangler. It will follow the same BOF, removable top, off-road oriented formula as the Wrangler. And much like the original Bronco, this one will sidestep Wrangler by offering a mildly more livable, refined product, at the expense of off-road capability at the limits.”

And if it does, how will it stack up versus Wrangler?

This week at the North American International Auto Show, Ford subtly inserted in its press conference an announcement it would release four all new SUVs over the next “few years.” Upon questioning, a senior Ford official confirmed that some or all of these will be “global.”


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