Gang Member Becomes Organic Farmer: From Gangs to Gardens Documentary

JLove Calderon, a filmmaker has currently released a motivating documentary named as “From Gangs To Gardens.” The documentary features Ietef Vitas’s progress from a cruel gang member to an organic planter.

“I am more than what you see, I am an organic gangster” ~Ietef Vita

Vita is an educator, youth advocate, hip hop yogi, and a midwife. He is basically a seeker of self-sustainable life. Initially, he began gardening with the purpose to heal his neighbor fellows. According to Vita, “To find a healthy environment, we should start with the health of ourselves.”

This project is basically focused on the healthy and organic food. Every plant of the garden has a specific advantage over the health difficulties of the community. The health issues are actually the result of low income.


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