Chicagoland’s 1st Organic Fast Food Chain Set To Debut Next Month

Chicago’s suburbs should soon welcome the nation’s first certified-organic fast food restaurant with a drive-thru. That dubious distinction goes to Nic’s Organic Fast Food, as CEO Benjamin Brittsan hopes to open his first location in February in Rolling Meadows. Brittsan and his wife, Nicolette Brittsan, have dreams of expanding across the Chicago area and eventually heading west to California and Washington. He and his team forecast opening as many as 50 restaurants within three and a half years.

Nic’s Organic will feature a menu of burgers, fried and grilled chicken sandwiches and salads. They’ll serve breakfast sandwiches with fresh-squeezed orange juices and organic coffees. The prices are comparable to Epic Burger or Five Guys. For example, a double-cheeseburger combo meal with a drink and fries runs about $8.60. Tractor Soda Co. will provide the organic beverages.

The restaurant’s products have been certified organic by Quality Assurance International. The nation’s first organic chain, California-based Organic Coupe, was certified by the USDA. Certification means the foods are free of pesticides and other chemicals. The certification is something that comes with standards and isn’t an empy buzz phrase like “all natural,” said Benjamin Brittsan. Brittsan feels better after eating an organic burger compared to a normal fast-food offering.


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