The Mission

About The Cycle of Peace

Logo CycleThe Cycle of Peace is a national initiative intended to raise awareness about Youth Violence, Obesity and Critical Thinking Awareness. Having witnessed breakthrough moments and very sad situations within lesser-resourced communities, this project serves as a call to action and an invocation for healing within our communities. When asked “Why cycle?” The answer is quite simple: our lives consist of many cycles and I thought what better way to initiate the change I seek in the world than to literally cycle it out!! Having been in Chicago for 6 years I have had many wonderful times, yet the one element my soul cannot reconcile, is the tremendous level of youth violence, lack of proper nutrition and an apathetic attitude to it all that adults and youth consistently reflect.  In addition to cycling,  I will be collecting 777 signatures in support of this endeavor.

The initiative, The Cycle of Peace, is a partnership composed of DimeChild Foundation, Impact America, Brainchild Creative Network, Gary Comer Middle School, Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League, Chicago Public Schools, Master Force, Inc. and Nicoh David. Since his initial cycling trek, a host of other supporting organizations have come on board, including I.M.A.N., Bridgeport Art Center, AstroTonic Productions, Stephen St. James Design, St. Jude Research Hospital, Body by ViSalus, Good Gyrrl Fitness, and 53rd Street Cycle, to name a few.

I hope that his nationwide ride will not only help finance the graduation trip for the 20 youth at Gary Comer Middle School that I mentor, but also motivate others to pitch in and do their part to help expand the consciousness of today’s youth. When asked why he chose to include this particular school in his fundraising efforts, Nicoh said, “I believe if you expose youth to the world and different cultures, they will begin changing the way they think and their approach to Life.”

 About Nicoh David, Rider and Founder

img_3822Nicoh David brings over 12 years of experience in Marketing/Sales and Strategic Media Business Development to the Metropolitan Board. Nicoh is an alumnus of Georgia State University with a double major in Biology/Pre-Med and Marketing, Nicoh has utilized this knowledge to found his Media Development Firm NCW Consulting.

Shortly after finishing Georgia State University, Nicoh has gone on to work with several top organizations and municipalities such as Bank of America, City of Atlanta and Allstate Insurance. He has also been involved with several youth leadership councils based in Chicago and Atlanta (F.B.L.A). He is an active supporter of the Atlanta Public School System and Chicago Public School System’s respectively. He has been invited to share key insights with today’s youth as society shifts to a more high technology base. He is currently developing the “Digital Initiative” whose purpose is to address the gap that arises when developing a new type of social engagement with today’s teens; specifically between the ages 13-19. This work is currently being implemented within the Gary Comer Middle School and I.M.A.N on Chicago’s Southside and Hope Academy in Atlanta.


Nicoh David with the Community Spirit Award

Nicoh brings to the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League a strategic forward thinking process that looks to answer needs effectively. His approach to client’s needs involves innovative thinking and proper structure. Nicoh serves as an Interactive Media Specialist who handles forecasting and network trends on social media and culture at large which greatly enhance client’s return and whose purpose is to have positive contribution to society.

He served in capacity as partner and Chief Marketing Officer for the now defunct social media network, Big Win City. Nicoh David has been integral in the areas of marketing, creative concept development and stimulating new markets acquired by the network. He is also a key architect in the development of the proprietary software created and implemented by the network.

Nicoh currently works as the Midwest Lifestyle Brand Ambassador for Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. He currently develops Auchentoshan’s National lifestyle campaign, Social Excellence, whose purpose is to raise awareness for non-profit organizations throughout the country. He has been based in Chicago working in this capacity for 4 years and has helped see a strong growth in brand awareness and case shipments. Nicoh’s guidance has directly increased return for the brand by 20% year to year and has helped to generate over $10,000.00 in charitable contributions to communities across the country with the development of the Social Excellence program. Nicoh is very honored and humbled to serve as your Media Relation’s Chair for the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League.

 The Goal

Nicoh bikingTrek #1

Chicago, IL, Day 1, Trek 1, Saturday, November 16, 2013
On November 16, 2013, youth mentor Nicoh David embarked on a 14-day, 700 plus mile journey from Chicago, Illinois to Atlanta, on his bicycle, to raise $50,000 for a youth empowerment fund created to help bring awareness to the issues plaguing the inner-city youth of Chicago and other major cities across the country. The group set to benefit from these efforts, are 20 young scholars at Gary Comer Middle School (Chicago’s #1 Charter Middle School in Math and Reading) who hope to travel abroad to Italy in 2014. Several local businesses and organizations, colleagues, and friends, rallied around Nicoh as he cycled his way to Atlanta and collected 777 signatures in support of this initiative.


Nicoh cycling 2

Nicoh Day 1, Trek 2, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trek #2

Atlanta, GA, Day 1, Trek 2, Saturday, February 15, 2014
On February 15, 2014, starting from Atlanta, Georgia, youth mentor, community activist, and life coach, Nicoh David, has embarked on his next cycling journey. This time, a 7-day, 600-plus mile journey from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, on his bicycle, to continue toward his goal of 10,000 miles to help bring awareness to the issues plaguing the inner-city youth of Chicago and other major cities across the country. Several local businesses and organizations, colleagues, and friends, have again rallied around Nicoh as he cycles his way from Atlanta to Miami and continues to collect 777 signatures in support of this initiative.


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