Nicoh David’s Road 2 The Record Part II

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R e c o r d s     A r e     M a d e     2     B e    B r o k e n

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First Attempt: Current Record of 12 Days, 225 hours, 15 mph of Continuous Cycling

Nicolaus David completes 7 days of Continuous Cycling, which totals to 168 hours of Cycling at 12 mph

On the seventh day, he broke the pedal off the bike which ended the first attempt.


Nicoh jumps back on the bike which was donated by Cascade Health & Fitness to help him finish what he started. Join Us as Nicoh Break the Current World Record for Longest Static Cycling & Establish New Health & Technology Initiatives focusing on Chicago’s at-risk youth.

nicoh in ther distance     Bridgeport Art Center

Rider: Nicolaus David     Where: Bridgeport Art Center

When: February 14-28, 2014

What: Longest Static Marathon Cycle (Current Record 268 hours)


Nicoh Breaking the World Record! #300hours

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